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A Few Words about how we help businesses

Bogged down by manual processes (OR) you are a financially-growing company with an aim to to cut down manual and redundant steps in work processes so that workforce can focus on core work itself. With our solutions, we make it easy to digitize workflows so your processes move forward with speed and ease.

Our workflow strategists recognize gaps in business processes and fill them in by automating roles and tasks, thereby giving businesses that smooth running that ensures accountability, accuracy, speed, and productivity. We execute in 4 steps:

Consult to identify manual, paper-based or gaps in business processes

Support in selecting best in class technology

Connect your work to the rest of the world

Ensure delivering business imperatives as outcomes

Our solutions offering for workflow automation

Solutions built for addressing the issues to streamline complex business process while enabling businesses to build new capabilities, revenue channels, interactions, creating new experiences to personas, quick time to market and thus profitability. Through our solutions we ensure

Process Compliant
Reports & Dashboards
Enterprise level security
Centralization and Visibility
Compliance to statutory regulations

Our Solutions

No matter what your industry or department is, we can help you design, build, and scale automated workflows to meet your unique business needs. Use our workflow templates to get started.

Account Receivables

Streamline your account receivable process with automation

Expense Reimbursement

Automate and optimize your expense reimbursement process

Customer acquisition

Decrease the cost of acquiring customer by using our solutions for Remote Account (Savings or Joint or Current) Opening, and customer onboarding by collecting live KYC proofs

Accounts Payable

Minimize the time and effort it takes to process invoice's

Budget Approval

Automate your budget approvals and process them with ease

Customer Support

Pave way to seamlessly managing your customer support processes

Product Implementation

Set up your product effortlessly with automation

Customer On-boarding

Automate and organize your customer on-boarding process

Pre Sales

Smoothen your bid participation process with automation

Churn Management

Manage and predict churn with workflow automation

IT On-boarding

Manage your IT processes while on-boarding new hires

Asset Request

A powerful workflow to automate your asset request process.

IT Off-boarding

Keep your IT Off-boarding process organized

Software Purchase

Automate your software purchase and implementation process

IT Ticket Handling

Handle all your IT support processes flawlessly.

Software Development

Revamp your organization's in-house software development process

Employee Hiring

Transform your hiring process with Automation.

Performance Appraisal

Streamline reviews and ensure a better experience for everyone

Employee On-boarding

Change the way your welcome new hires.

Leave Request

Handle all leave requests seamlessly with automation.

Employee Off-boarding

Ensure security and compliance with an automated off-boarding process

Travel Request

Streamline all travel requests seamlessly based on your budgets

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