Consulting Services

Our Mantra: “ Best quality services come when every person, process has the greater will for transformation ”

The organisations intend to manage the end-to-end delivery of service to their customers, which can be best achieved by including Industry standards, best practices, frameworks, guidelines, processes and activities to deliver, the services by an organisation

Woof! No worries! Start IT Now team has many years of experience helping many small, medium and enterprise organisations. We have a right pool of talents, they will understand and ready to listen your pain areas, identify gaps against best practices, operational concerns, provide advisory & consulting services in an optimal way. Our assurance is, creating value to customer by nurturing existing resources.

Process Consulting

No matter what tool you are using, process always independent with the technology. Technology may change, but your business strategy, way you work may be the same. We can help to determine the need of the process in operational support and service delivery aspects. You may be experiencing lot of buzzwords like digital transformation, technology transition, operating models, tool integration, but temptation to learn and adopt might not be a goal always. Think wholistically, what works better to you and your business, try in your way. Our consultant’s advice you in a better manner so mixture of modern and orthodox approaches that suits you.

In industry multiple best practice are available, those are keep updating as technology changes without changing the basics. The following are best practice service we offer:

ITIL Based Services:

ITIL ® is the registered trademark of Axelos, it is the framework for management of IT enabled services.

ITIL 4 includes 34 management practices. It is designed the resources for performing various activities and tasks to accomplish the practice objectives. In each practice, ITIL practices provides various types of guidance, industry standard approach, success factors etc.

We offer end to end services including process design to implementation, implementation to mature the process. Some of the popular practices are:
  • IT Asset Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Catalogue management
  • Service Level Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Monitoring and Event Management
  • HR Request Management
  • HR Case Management
  • Organisational Change Management.
  • Supplier Management
  • Demand Management
  • Information Security Management

Using above practices, we build strong foundation for organization. Our methodologies include identifying ‘ as is process ’, ‘ gap analysis ’, buildto be process ’. Also, we do ‘ self-assessments ’, ‘ maturity assessment ’ process mapping etc.

ISMS Consulting

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Consulting services help an organization to design, implement, monitor, evaluate the performance and continual improvement. It sets the effective policies; standard operating procures to manage the risk of organisation’s information assets. There are many ISMS standard, framework, best practices, tools, and techniques available in the market. The question is where and how to start and run the operations. Start IT Now has own methodology that will help your organisation to kick start the ISMS project in an optimal way. Our ISMS consulting addresses the three key life-cycle phases:

ISMS Framework Design:

What are organisation contexts? What best practices should we consider? How effectively design roles and responsibility? What all your legal and regulatory requirements? Internal and external factors affecting to your business? What policies are required to govern? What information to be covered design the scope etc.

Risk Assessment:

How you assess the Gap in current process vs. desired state. What Risk Assessment Methodology will you adopt? How do you address the risk? What control you adopt for Risk Treatment Plan?

Operate and evaluate:

How do you educate the people? How do you implement the process and tools? What Security Metrics to achieve your KPI’s? How to run the practice and how do you want to evaluate? How are you assessing the performance? How do keep improving your practices and process? How do you show compliance status to your stakeholder?